The root of our purpose is within the name:
Premier: Meaning First/Best 
Evolution: Meaning Change

We want to be the first to give you the oppotunity to change your mindset and enhance your leadership skills! 

Better leadership, better people, better world!

People get promotions because they are good at what they do.  When they get promoted they micromanage those under them because they are actually better at the job than those under them, which is why they were promoted.  When they started - before promotion - they were given proper training on how to do the job - they used it- and kept improving until promotion.  Now they are promoted and no longer doing that job but managing the people who are doing the job they used to do.  Guess What?  They did not recieve Training on how to manage people effectively.  It is a skill they have not developed yet.  

We train that skill. We instill that leadership. We shift the mindset.  We create a better world.

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